My book manuscript is titled, In the Flesh. 


My book manuscript is titled, Wreckage. 

I am also working on a mixed-genre book project based on my project, Sailing for Social Justice.


Why and How to Write a Book Review (Ideas on Fire)


I served as the Executive Editor of nineteen sixty nine: an ethnic studies journal and the Healing Justice issue (2013), which featured the work of Aurora Levíns Morales



I have taught courses of my own design at Princeton University, UC Berkeley, and CSU Los Angeles. Below is a list of courses taught since 2016.

Introduction to Gender and Sexuality Studies (w/ C. Clune-Taylor)

Science Fiction and Fact 

Medical Story-Worlds (w/ E. Fratto)

Corporealities of Politics

Race and Living Laboratories 

Race and Gender in the U.S.

Race, Class, and Gender in the Classroom


Working Groups

As part of my commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration, I have formed working groups that bring together scholars across the humanities and the hard sciences.  

Bodies of Knowledge, Princeton University (w/ E. Fratto) 

Politics of Biology and Race in the 21st Century, UC Berkeley